About Us

We launched When in Greece at 2014 aiming to realise a travel brand that will create beautiful and quality products associated with the travelling experience. We value timeless design and we believe that the best quality products can be made locally and be affordable. We aim at creating modern products that are characterised by a minimalistic design approach with a goal to create long-lasting designs with carefully considered quality details. All products are designed & crafted by us, with respect to the environment and by maximising our support for local community and suppliers.

We only use authentic vegetable tanned leather originated from Crete, Greece and premium canvas cotton originated 100% by the Thessaly Region.

We are proud to support designers, suppliers and small craftsmen from Greece. We focus on every detail of the  production process to create products that are lasting in time. All products are Designed & Crafted in Greece.

We design products to be modern, minimal and timeless.