Designed & Crafted in Greece

This is our brand story and history, why we are proud to call it Made in Sweden.


The inspiration for P.A.P was to create a product that was an antidote to the cold and impersonal feeling of modern technology. ”I want my designs to feel good against the body, the warm and organic sensation of leather to replace the cold feeling of a laptop aluminum shell. I think of it as objects that nourish the senses and the soul.” says Ulf.


We care a lot about how we produce and our responsibility, we carefully select our suppliers and the material we use. This to not only make a high quality product but to give the product a life and story we can be proud of. Leather is a natural resource and all our leather is vegetable tanned. A natural process that takes time and knowledge but is non harmful to the environment, compared to chemicaly chrome tanned leather most commonly used in the fashion industry.
The P.A.P design philosophy is based on our Scandinavian heritage with a simplicity that lets the material speak for itself. We believe that timeless design is always modern and that true beauty gets better with age. However, all our products are made and designed to facilitate, complement and improve contemporary lifestyles. Today our products range from bags, wallets, laptop covers to home accessories.

eather is one of the oldest materials and a natural resource that is perishable. Tanning is the process that stabilize the fibre structure of the skin and prevent it from decaying, decomposing and oxidizing.
Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft process that tanneries have handed down from father to son for over 200 years. It process the hides in a pure and natural way without using harmful chemicals. It is a traditional, artisanal process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plants, by using the barks, branches, leaves or even some fruits in some specific techniques.

It is an astonishing process based on the use of tannins, on modern technologies and machinery but mainly, on the slow passage of time.

Why we use vegetable leather is not only because its a responsible and sustainable choice. A vegetable tanned leather is unique and the final product one of its kind. Its quality and texture will last and its patina only get more beautiful when used. Due to the more gentle processes the average length of life of vegetable tanned leather is considerably higher than that of chrome-tanned leather. You will be acquiring a natural canvas to record your life experiences.